nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee v4.2.0
Data Fields
otMessageInfo Struct Reference

#include <ip6.h>

Data Fields

otIp6Address mSockAddr
 The local IPv6 address.
otIp6Address mPeerAddr
 The peer IPv6 address.
uint16_t mSockPort
 The local transport-layer port.
uint16_t mPeerPort
 The peer transport-layer port.
const void * mLinkInfo
 A pointer to link-specific information.
uint8_t mHopLimit
bool mIsHostInterface: 1
 TRUE if packets sent/received via host interface, FALSE otherwise.
bool mAllowZeroHopLimit: 1
 TRUE to allow IPv6 Hop Limit 0 in mHopLimit, FALSE otherwise.

Detailed Description

This structure represents the local and peer IPv6 socket addresses.

Field Documentation

uint8_t otMessageInfo::mHopLimit

The IPv6 Hop Limit value. Only applies if mAllowZeroHopLimit is FALSE. If 0, IPv6 Hop Limit is default value OPENTHREAD_CONFIG_IP6_HOP_LIMIT_DEFAULT. Otherwise, specifies the IPv6 Hop Limit.

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