nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee v4.2.0
Data Fields
otBorderRouterConfig Struct Reference

#include <netdata.h>

Data Fields

otIp6Prefix mPrefix
signed int mPreference: 2
bool mPreferred: 1
bool mSlaac: 1
bool mDhcp: 1
bool mConfigure: 1
bool mDefaultRoute: 1
bool mOnMesh: 1
bool mStable: 1
bool mNdDns: 1
bool mDp: 1
uint16_t mRloc16

Detailed Description

This structure represents a Border Router configuration.

Field Documentation

bool otBorderRouterConfig::mConfigure

TRUE, if this border router is a DHCPv6 Agent that supplies other configuration data. FALSE, otherwise.

bool otBorderRouterConfig::mDefaultRoute

TRUE, if this border router is a default route for mPrefix. FALSE, otherwise.

bool otBorderRouterConfig::mDhcp

TRUE, if this border router is a DHCPv6 Agent that supplies IPv6 address configuration. FALSE, otherwise.

bool otBorderRouterConfig::mDp

TRUE, if this prefix is a Thread Domain Prefix. FALSE, otherwise.

Note: Domain Prefix is introduced since Thread 1.2.

bool otBorderRouterConfig::mNdDns

TRUE, if this border router is able to supply DNS infomration obtained via ND. FALSE, otherwise.

bool otBorderRouterConfig::mOnMesh

TRUE, if this prefix is considered on-mesh. FALSE, otherwise.

signed int otBorderRouterConfig::mPreference

A 2-bit signed integer indicating router preference as defined in RFC 4191.

bool otBorderRouterConfig::mPreferred

TRUE, if mPrefix is preferred. FALSE, otherwise.

otIp6Prefix otBorderRouterConfig::mPrefix

The IPv6 prefix.

uint16_t otBorderRouterConfig::mRloc16

The Border Agent Rloc.

bool otBorderRouterConfig::mSlaac

TRUE, if mPrefix should be used for address autoconfiguration. FALSE, otherwise.

bool otBorderRouterConfig::mStable

TRUE, if this configuration is considered Stable Network Data. FALSE, otherwise.

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