nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee v4.2.0
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Data Structures

struct  zb_pan_id_conflict_info_s




typedef struct


void zb_start_pan_id_conflict_resolution (zb_uint8_t param)
void zb_enable_auto_pan_id_conflict_resolution (zb_bool_t status)

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

Structure describing a detected PAN ID conflict

Function Documentation

void zb_enable_auto_pan_id_conflict_resolution ( zb_bool_t  status)

This function must be used for enabling/disabling automatic PAN ID conflict resolution If the automatic resolution is disabled, ZBOSS will issue a ZB_NWK_SIGNAL_PANID_CONFLICT_DETECTED signal each time it receives Network Report about PAN ID conflict or (in case the device is the network manager) each time it detects such conflicts.

By default the automatic PAN ID conflict resolution is disabled.

That call also enabled panid conflict resolution - see zb_enable_panid_conflict_resolution();

status- ZB_TRUE in order to enable automatic PAN ID conflict, ZB_FALSE otherwise
void zb_start_pan_id_conflict_resolution ( zb_uint8_t  param)

Allow/disallow network joining

param- pointer to a structure containing PAN ID conflict information -
See also

Example: ZB_ZDO_SIGNAL_CUT_HEADER macro may be used to remove from the buffer everything but the signal parameter (zb_pan_id_conflict_info_t structure in this case)

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