nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee v4.2.0
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802.15.4 radio driver


 Frontend Module management
 Setting addresses and PAN ID of the device
 Functions to calculate data given by the driver
 Functions to request FSM transitions and check current state
 Calls to higher layer
 Driver memory management
 RSSI measurement function
 Promiscuous mode
 Auto ACK management
 CCA configuration management
 CSMA-CA procedure
 ACK timeout procedure
 802.15.4 driver configuration
 Configuration of the 802.15.4 radio driver for nRF SoCs.
 Type definitions used in the 802.15.4 driver
 Definitions of types used in the 802.15.4 driver.


#define NRF_802154_NO_TIMESTAMP   0
 Timestamp value indicating that the timestamp is inaccurate.


void nrf_802154_init (void)
 Initializes the 802.15.4 driver. More...
void nrf_802154_deinit (void)
 Deinitializes the 802.15.4 driver. More...
void nrf_802154_channel_set (uint8_t channel)
 Sets the channel on which the radio is to operate. More...
uint8_t nrf_802154_channel_get (void)
 Gets the channel on which the radio operates. More...
void nrf_802154_tx_power_set (int8_t power)
 Sets the transmit power. More...
int8_t nrf_802154_tx_power_get (void)
 Gets the currently set transmit power. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

uint8_t nrf_802154_channel_get ( void  )

Gets the channel on which the radio operates.

Channel number (11-26).
void nrf_802154_channel_set ( uint8_t  channel)

Sets the channel on which the radio is to operate.

[in]channelChannel number (11-26).
void nrf_802154_deinit ( void  )

Deinitializes the 802.15.4 driver.

This function deinitializes the RADIO peripheral and resets it to the default state.

void nrf_802154_init ( void  )

Initializes the 802.15.4 driver.

This function initializes the RADIO peripheral in the RADIO_STATE_SLEEP state.

This function is to be called once, before any other functions from this module.
int8_t nrf_802154_tx_power_get ( void  )

Gets the currently set transmit power.

Currently used transmit power, in dBm.
void nrf_802154_tx_power_set ( int8_t  power)

Sets the transmit power.

The driver recalculates the requested value to the nearest value accepted by the hardware. The calculation result is rounded up.
[in]powerTransmit power in dBm.

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