nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee v4.2.0
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This module includes functions that control DNS communication. More...

Data Structures

struct  otDnsQuery


 Maximum allowed hostname length (maximum label size - 1 for compression).
#define OT_DNS_DEFAULT_SERVER_IP   "2001:4860:4860::8888"
 Defines default DNS Server address - Google DNS.
 Defines default DNS Server port.


typedef struct otDnsQuery otDnsQuery
typedef void(* otDnsResponseHandler )(void *aContext, const char *aHostname, const otIp6Address *aAddress, uint32_t aTtl, otError aResult)


otError otDnsClientQuery (otInstance *aInstance, const otDnsQuery *aQuery, otDnsResponseHandler aHandler, void *aContext)

Detailed Description

This module includes functions that control DNS communication.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct otDnsQuery otDnsQuery

This structure implements DNS Query parameters.

typedef void(* otDnsResponseHandler)(void *aContext, const char *aHostname, const otIp6Address *aAddress, uint32_t aTtl, otError aResult)

This function pointer is called when a DNS response is received.

[in]aContextA pointer to application-specific context.
[in]aHostnameIdentifies hostname related with DNS response.
[in]aAddressA pointer to the IPv6 address received in DNS response. May be null.
[in]aTtlSpecifies the maximum time in seconds that the resource record may be cached.
[in]aResultA result of the DNS transaction.
Return values
OT_ERROR_NONEA response was received successfully and IPv6 address is provided in aAddress.
OT_ERROR_ABORTA DNS transaction was aborted by stack.
OT_ERROR_RESPONSE_TIMEOUTNo DNS response has been received within timeout.
OT_ERROR_NOT_FOUNDA response was received but no IPv6 address has been found.
OT_ERROR_FAILEDA response was received but status code is different than success.

Function Documentation

otError otDnsClientQuery ( otInstance aInstance,
const otDnsQuery aQuery,
otDnsResponseHandler  aHandler,
void *  aContext 

This function sends a DNS query for AAAA (IPv6) record.

This function is available only if feature OPENTHREAD_CONFIG_DNS_CLIENT_ENABLE is enabled.

[in]aInstanceA pointer to an OpenThread instance.
[in]aQueryA pointer to specify DNS query parameters.
[in]aHandlerA function pointer that shall be called on response reception or time-out.
[in]aContextA pointer to arbitrary context information.

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