nRF5 SDK v17.1.0
Data Fields
nrf_crypto_backend_aes_context_t Union Reference

Data Fields

nrf_crypto_backend_aes_cbc_context_t cbc_context
 Holds context for AES CBC.
nrf_crypto_backend_aes_cfb_context_t cfb_context
 Holds context for AES CFB.
nrf_crypto_backend_aes_ctr_context_t ctr_context
 Holds context for AES CFB.
nrf_crypto_backend_aes_ecb_context_t ecb_context
 Holds context for AES ECB.
nrf_crypto_backend_aes_cbc_mac_context_t cbc_mac_context
 Holds context for CBC-MAC.
nrf_crypto_backend_aes_cmac_context_t cmac_context
 Holds context for CMAC.
nrf_crypto_backend_aes_cmac_prf128_context_t cmac_prf128_context
 Holds context for CMAC_PRF128.

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