nRF5 SDK v17.1.0
Data Fields
nrf_crypto_hash_info_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

nrf_crypto_hash_init_fn_t const init_fn
nrf_crypto_hash_update_fn_t const update_fn
nrf_crypto_hash_finalize_fn_t const finalize_fn
size_t const digest_size
size_t const context_size
nrf_crypto_hash_mode_t const hash_mode

Field Documentation

size_t const nrf_crypto_hash_info_t::context_size

Size of the context type.

size_t const nrf_crypto_hash_info_t::digest_size

Size of the digest.

nrf_crypto_hash_finalize_fn_t const nrf_crypto_hash_info_t::finalize_fn

Function pointer to call to finalize the hash calculation and return the result.

nrf_crypto_hash_mode_t const nrf_crypto_hash_info_t::hash_mode

Mode of hash operation.

nrf_crypto_hash_init_fn_t const nrf_crypto_hash_info_t::init_fn

Function pointer to call to initialize nrf_crypto_hash context in backend.

nrf_crypto_hash_update_fn_t const nrf_crypto_hash_info_t::update_fn

Function pointer to call to add data in the hash calculation.

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