nRF5 SDK v17.1.0
Data Fields
nrf_cli_ctx_t Struct Reference

CLI instance context. More...

#include <nrf_cli.h>

Data Fields

nrf_cli_state_t state
 Internal module state.
nrf_cli_receive_t receive_state
 Escape sequence indicator.
nrf_cli_static_entry_t active_cmd
 Currently executed command.
nrf_cli_vt100_ctx_t vt100_ctx
 VT100 color and cursor position, terminal width.
nrf_cli_cmd_len_t cmd_buff_len
 Command length.
nrf_cli_cmd_len_t cmd_buff_pos
 Command buffer cursor position.
char cmd_buff [NRF_CLI_CMD_BUFF_SIZE]
 Command input buffer.
char temp_buff [NRF_CLI_CMD_BUFF_SIZE]
 Temporary buffer used by various functions.
char printf_buff [NRF_CLI_PRINTF_BUFF_SIZE]
 Printf buffer size.
volatile nrf_cli_internal_t internal
 Internal CLI data.

Detailed Description

CLI instance context.

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