nRF5 SDK v17.1.0
Getting Started

The SDK provides example applications that you can run on your development kit to ensure that everything is set up correctly. After these tests, you can use the examples as starting point to develop your own applications.

To quickly get started, run some precompiled examples. There are both simple precompiled examples that can be tested by observing blinking LEDs on the board and more complex examples that can communicate with your smartphone using Bluetooth low energy. These precompiled examples do not require you to set up the full toolchain. Therefore, programming and testing them should not take more than a few minutes.

If everything works as expected, set up your development kit and toolchain. See Getting started page (for nRF52840) or Setting up the development kit (for nRF52832) for more information. Then install the SDK.

To test the development kit setup, we recommend that you use the Blinky Example. The steps that are described in Compiling and running a first example will walk you through testing your setup with the Blinky example.

After testing your setup, you should program a SoftDevice and run an example that uses the SoftDevice.

Running precompiled examples

Installing the SDK

Compiling and running a first example

Running examples that use a SoftDevice

Running a serialized application

Using the SDK with other boards

SDK configuration header file

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