nRF5 SDK v17.0.2
Data Fields
ble_advertising_init_t Struct Reference

Initialization parameters for the Advertising Module. More...

#include <ble_advertising.h>

Data Fields

ble_advdata_t advdata
ble_advdata_t srdata
ble_adv_modes_config_t config
ble_adv_evt_handler_t evt_handler
ble_adv_error_handler_t error_handler

Detailed Description

Initialization parameters for the Advertising Module.

This structure is used to pass advertising options, advertising data, and an event handler to the Advertising Module during initialization.

Field Documentation

ble_advdata_t ble_advertising_init_t::advdata

Advertising data: name, appearance, discovery flags, and more.

ble_adv_modes_config_t ble_advertising_init_t::config

Select which advertising modes and intervals will be utilized.

ble_adv_error_handler_t ble_advertising_init_t::error_handler

Error handler that will propogate internal errors to the main applications.

ble_adv_evt_handler_t ble_advertising_init_t::evt_handler

Event handler that will be called upon advertising events.

ble_advdata_t ble_advertising_init_t::srdata

Scan response data: Supplement to advertising data.

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