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Device Information Service

Device Information Service module. More...


 Vendor ID Source values
 Device Information Service configuration

Data Structures

struct  ble_dis_sys_id_t
 System ID parameters. More...
struct  ble_dis_reg_cert_data_list_t
 IEEE 11073-20601 Regulatory Certification Data List Structure. More...
struct  ble_dis_pnp_id_t
 PnP ID parameters. More...
struct  ble_dis_init_t
 Device Information Service init structure. This contains all possible characteristics needed for initialization of the service. More...


uint32_t ble_dis_init (ble_dis_init_t const *p_dis_init)
 Function for initializing the Device Information Service. More...

Detailed Description

Device Information Service module.

This module implements the Device Information Service. During initialization it adds the Device Information Service to the BLE stack database. It then encodes the supplied information, and adds the corresponding characteristics.

Attention! To maintain compliance with Nordic Semiconductor ASA Bluetooth profile qualification listings, this section of source code must not be modified.

Function Documentation

uint32_t ble_dis_init ( ble_dis_init_t const *  p_dis_init)

Function for initializing the Device Information Service.

This call allows the application to initialize the device information service. It adds the DIS service and DIS characteristics to the database, using the initial values supplied through the p_dis_init parameter. Characteristics which are not to be added, shall be set to NULL in p_dis_init.

[in]p_dis_initThe structure containing the values of characteristics needed by the service.
NRF_SUCCESS on successful initialization of service.

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