TX self-calibration and test %TXSELFCAL

The proprietary %TXSELFCAL command performs TX calibration. nRF9131 v2.2.x

Device Under Test (DUT) RF output must be connected to a 50 Ω load or terminator when executing TX self-calibration.

Calibration command fills an internal gain compensation table on DUT. This table can be reset with the clear command. The test command executes the self-calibration routine but does not update the gain compensation table.

Gain compensation table must be updated to DUT flash memory with the %XFSSYNC command.

When permanently limiting the used bands with %XBANDLOCK=3 and then performing TX self-calibration with %TXSELFCAL=1, execute %XBANDLOCK=3 before %TXSELFCAL=1. nRF9131