Battery voltage %XVBAT

The proprietary %XVBAT command reads battery voltage. v1.0.x v1.1.x v1.2.x v1.3.x pti_v1.1.x≥1

When the modem is active (either LTE communication or Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver), the %XVBAT command returns the latest voltage measured automatically during modem wakeup or reception. The voltage measured during transmission is not reported. During modem inactivity, the modem measures battery voltage when the %XVBAT command is received.

Note: Longer sleep modes, such as Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) and Power Saving Mode (PSM), are modem active time. Therefore, in those cases the %XVBAT value returned is from the time just before entering sleep or from previous GNSS reception during the eDRX/PSM gap. v1.0.x v1.1.x v1.2.x pti_v1.1.x≥1