Modem sleep notifications %XMODEMSLEEP

The Nordic-proprietary %XMODEMSLEEP command subscribes and unsubscribes modem sleep notifications. Based on the %XMODEMSLEEP indications, the application can optimize its power efficiency by synchronizing its operations to modem sleeps and wake-ups.v1.3.x

The application can use modem sleep notifications to get information about inactive periods in modem radio usage and to get a pre-warning at a desired time before radio activity happens. This information can be used to optimize the power efficiency of the device by synchronizing the application’s functionality with the modem’s radio activity and inactivity.

The modem API works normally, and radio inactivity is interrupted if a command requires the use of the radio or the modem is requested to send data.

Before requesting an operation that requires the use of the modem’s radio resources, the application must switch on the components that are needed for LTE connections if they have been switched off to save power during modem inactivity.

Some LTE connection use-cases are not known on the application domain. For example, an operator applet on Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) can request the modem to set up a data connection. If the LTE connection use-case is not known, the modem sends a sleep interrupted notification and has a hardcoded 500 ms delay before it proceeds to set up the connection. If an application has switched off some components, it must handle the notification promptly and switch on the needed components during the delay.

Note: There are no sleep notifications if only Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is activated with the %XSYSTEMMODE command.