Set command

The set command subscribes modem domain event notifications. The unsolicited result code is %MDMEV: XXX.



The set command parameter and its defined values are the following:

0 – Unsubscribe modem domain event notifications
1 – Subscribe modem domain events notifications

The unsolicited notification syntax descriptions are as follows:

Mobile Equipment (ME) is overheated and therefore modem is deactivated:


Battery voltage is low and therefore modem is deactivated:


Modem indicates status of ongoing light search:


SEARCH STATUS 1 indicates light search performed. This event gives the application a chance to stop the modem from using more power on searching networks from possibly weaker radio condition. Before sending this event, the modem searches the cells based on previous cell history, measures the radio conditions, and makes assumptions on where networks might be deployed. This event means that the modem has not found a network that it could select based on the 3GPP network selection rules from those locations. It does not mean that there are no networks to be found in the area. The modem continues more thorough searches automatically after sending this status. The modem can be deactivated, for example, with +CFUN=4, to stop it from using more power on the search.

Modem indicates completed status of search:


SEARCH STATUS 2 indicates search performed. The modem has found a network that it can select according to the 3GPP network selection rules or all frequencies have been scanned and a suitable cell has not been found. In the latter case, the modem enters normal limited service state functionality and performs scans for service periodically.

Modem has detected a reset loop:


RESET LOOP indicates that the modem restricts Attach attempts for the next 30 minutes. The timer does not run when the modem has no power or while it stays in the reset loop. The modem counts all the resets where the modem is not gracefully deinitialized with +CFUN=0.

If there are more than five resets, reset loop restriction is activated.v1.3.0

If there are more than seven resets, reset loop restriction is activated.v1.3.x≥1

For more information on reset loop, see nRF9160 Modem Reset Loop Restriction.

The following command example subscribes %MDMEV notifications: