Evaluating connection parameters %CONEVAL

The proprietary %CONEVAL command requests an evaluation of the LTE radio signal state and an estimation of the energy efficiency in a cell that the modem would use for data transmission. The information can be used to determine the energy efficiency of data transmission before actual data transmission is started. The %CONEVAL command is the most useful for a static or slow-moving device.v1.3.x

The evaluation is based on a cell that would likely be used for RRC connection by the current state. The cell used for RRC connection can be different than the one that is used for the evaluation. Changing radio conditions and mobility procedures can affect the LTE cell selection.

The connection evaluation is possible in +CFUN modes 1, 2, and 21. The cell selection and evaluation are based on information in the latest detected Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) and collected cell history.


For more information on the %CONEVAL command, see nRF9160 Energy Estimate.