Set command

The set command sets the functional mode to Minimum (Power off), Normal, or Offline mode (Flight mode). There is a specific mode for Flight mode with Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) on. It is also possible to activate or deactivate LTE or Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) separately.

%XSYSTEMMODE should be used for enabling system modes. It is possible to activate enabled modes.


The set command parameter and its defined values are the following:

0 – Sets the device to minimum functionality. Disables both transmit and receive RF circuits and deactivates LTE and GNSS services.
Note: A configuration made with an AT command can be stored to Non-volatile Memory (NVM) using +CFUN=0 if the option is mentioned in the description of the command. This is useful if the command relates to a permanent hardware configuration because it avoids the need to give the command every time in the beginning of the application.

Active %XPOFWARN warning blocks the storing to NVM.v1.3.x≥2

+CFUN=0 resets unsolicited notification requests.

When commanding the device to power off, wait for OK to make sure that NVM has been updated.

CFUN=0 causes writing to NVM. When using CFUN=0, take NVM wear into account.
1 – Sets the device to full functionality. Active modes depend on the %XSYSTEMMODE setting.
2 – Sets the device to receive only functionality. Can be used, for example, to pre-evaluate connections with %CONEVAL.v1.3.x
4 – Sets the device to flight mode. Disables both transmit and receive RF circuits and deactivates LTE and GNSS services.
20 – Deactivates LTE without shutting down GNSS services.
21 – Activates LTE without changing GNSS.
30 – Deactivates GNSS without shutting down LTE services.
31 – Activates GNSS without changing LTE.
40 – Deactivates UICC.v1.1.x≥3v1.2.xv1.3.x
41 – Activates UICC.v1.1.x≥3v1.2.xv1.3.x
44 – Sets the device to flight mode without shutting down UICC.

If LTE is enabled with %XSYSTEMMODE, registration is performed to LTE network with CFUN=1 and CFUN=21. If GNSS is enabled with %XSYSTEMMODE, GNSS is activated and GNSS services are available with CFUN=1, CFUN=2, and CFUN=31.

  • The response to changing to Normal mode could be ERROR if the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card has failed.
  • Commanding the device to Power off or to Offline mode might take some time if signaling with the network is needed.
  • CFUN=41 is allowed only when LTE-M or Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is enabled by %XSYSTEMMODE.
  • UICC initialization is started in modes CFUN=1, CFUN=21, and CFUN=41. %XSIM indications shall be followed for the UICC state.
  • Transition from modes CFUN=1 and CFUN=21 to mode CFUN=2 is not supported.

The following command example activates the modem Normal mode: