Absolute maximum ratings

Maximum ratings are the extreme limits to which the chip can be exposed for a limited amount of time without permanently damaging it. Exposure to absolute maximum ratings for prolonged periods of time may affect the reliability of the device.

Table 1. Absolute maximum ratings
  Note Min. Max. Unit
Supply voltages
VDD   -0.3 +3.9 V
VDDH   -0.3 +5.8 V
VBUS   -0.3 +5.8 V
VSS     0 V
I/O pin voltage
VI/O, VDD ≤3.6 V   -0.3 VDD + 0.3 V V
VI/O, VDD >3.6 V   -0.3 3.9 V V
Environmental aQFN™ package
Storage temperature   -40 +125 °C
MSL Moisture Sensitivity Level 2  
ESD HBM Human Body Model 2 kV
ESD CDM Charged Device Model 500 V
Flash memory
Endurance   10 000 Write/erase cycles
Retention   10 years at 40°C    

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