QuickTrack certification path

If the End Product requires limited changes to the Qualified Solution’s Wi-Fi Component Combination (Wi-Fi CC) or Wi-Fi® capabilities, then either QuickTrack Conformance testing or Core and Conformance testing will be required, depending on the component changed.

If the changes are confined to the following components, QuickTrack Conformance testing is sufficient.

QuickTrack Conformance testing can be conducted at the customer's Member Conformance Test Laboratory (MCTL), the customer's Solution Test Laboratory (STL), or an Authorized Test Laboratories (ATL).

However, if changes to the following components are made, then Core and Conformance testing might be required.

Core and Conformance testing must be done at the customer's STL or an ATL. Depending on the extent of the driver or firmware changes, only a subset of the Core testing may be applicable.

The firmware component is the software executing on the device, while the driver component consists of the Wi-Fi specific layers executing on the host device, including the supplicant. Both components are provided in the nRF Connect SDK. Nordic Semiconductor will generate Qualified Solution Variants for each released version of the nRF Connect SDK, which means the End Product can be certified using only QuickTrack Conformance testing by selecting the appropriate Qualified Solution Variant as the basis for the testing.