Checking supply voltages

The expected values of the voltage levels on the VDD, VDD_GPIO, and DEC0 pins are shown in the following table.

Table 1. Voltage levels of VDD, VDD_GPIO, and DEC0
Parameter Min Max Description
VDD voltage 3.0 V 5.5 V Main power supply input voltage
VDD_GPIO voltage 1.8 V 3.6 V GPIO input voltage
DEC0 voltage 2.1 V 2.3 V Module internal power supply

Battery voltage at the VDD input of nRF9160 can be read with the Nordic-proprietary %XVBAT AT command that shows the VDD voltage level seen by nRF9160. The response to the command is the battery voltage in mV.

The following command example reads the battery voltage:

%XVBAT: 3600 // measured battery voltage 3600mV