Using the nPM1300 Fuel Gauge

This application note describes the seamless integration of the nPM1300 Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) fuel gauge solution with a System on Chip (SoC) to ensure accurate and reliable monitoring of battery performance for low-power device applications.

State-of-charge estimation techniques based on open-circuit voltage methods often yield inconsistent results under fluctuating load and temperature conditions. The nPM1300 fuel gauge solution considers all these variations to provide a stable and accurate state-of-charge prediction.

nPM1300 has a comprehensive fuel gauge that uses integrated battery current, voltage, and temperature measurements. The advanced fuel gauge algorithm combines battery measurements with a battery model to provide stable and precise state-of-charge predictions, with a typical error of less than ±3%, under rated operating conditions of the battery. With temperature compensation, it ensures exceptional accuracy across the battery's operating temperature range.

The fuel gauge algorithm can be run on most Nordic host SoCs for a reliable estimation of the battery state of charge. The battery model is generated by a one-time battery profiling process in the nPM PowerUP computer app, by using the nPM1300 Evaluation Kit (EK) together with the nPM Fuel Gauge Board extension. The fuel gauge is also compatible with other non-Nordic SoCs. Contact your local Nordic sales representative for more information.