The glossary contains terms and acronyms that are used in this document.

Access Port Protection (APPROTECT)

A register used to prevent read and write access to all CPU registers and memory-mapped addresses.


Control Access Port (CTRL-AP)

A custom access port that enables control of the device even if other access ports in the debug access port are disabled by the access port protection.


Debug Access Port (DAP)

Provides multiple master driving ports, all accessible and controlled through a single external interface port to provide system-wide debug.


Device Firmware Update (DFU)

A mechanism for upgrading the firmware of a device.


Development Kit (DK)

A hardware development platform used for application development.


Erase Protection (ERASEPROTECT)

A register used to block NVMC ERASEALL and CTRL-AP.ERASEALL functionality.


Factory Information Configuration Registers (FICR)

Pre-programmed registers that contain chip-specific information and configuration. FICRs cannot be erased by users.


Non-volatile Memory Controller (NVMC)

A controller used for writing and erasing the internal flash memory and the User Information Configuration Registers (UICR).


Secure Access Port Protection (SECUREAPPROTECT)

A register used to prevent read and write access to all secure CPU registers and secure memory-mapped addresses.


System on Chip (SoC)

A microchip that integrates all the necessary electronic circuits and components of a computer or other electronic systems on a single integrated circuit.


System Protection Unit (SPU)

The central point in the system that controls access to memories, peripherals, and other resources.


Serial Wire Debug (SWD)

A standard two-wire interface for programming and debugging ArmĀ® CPUs.


Serial Wire Debug Port (SW-DP)

An interface that provides a low pin count bi-directional connection to the DAP with a reference clock signal for synchronous operation.

User Information Configuration Registers (UICR)

Non-volatile memory registers used to configure user-specific settings.


Watchdog timer (WDT)

A timer that causes a system reset if it is not poked periodically.