Change log

See the following list for an overview of changes from previous versions of this document.

Version Date Change
nRF9160 Revision 1 v1.0 28.05.2019
  • Added: No. 1. “Excessive power consumption after using STOP task”
  • Added: No. 2. “CPU code execution from RAM halted during flash page erase operation”
  • Added: No. 4. “Bits in GPIO LATCH register are incorrectly set to 1”
  • Added: No. 6. “SLEEPENTER and SLEEPEXIT events asserted after pin reset”
  • Added: No. 7. “Subsequent accesses between info_mem and main_mem of the flash may not work properly”
  • Added: No. 9. “Reduced SFDR”
  • Added: No. 15. “Supply regulators default to LDO mode after reset”
  • Added: No. 21. “Disabling instruction cache causes skip of next instruction”