[87] CPU: Unexpected wake from System ON Idle when using FPU

This anomaly applies to Revision 2, build codes CKAA-Dx0, QIAA-Dx0.

It was inherited from the previous IC revision Engineering D.


The CPU is unexpectedly awoken from System ON Idle.


The FPU has been used.


The CPU is awoken from System ON Idle.


The FPU can generate pending interrupts just like other peripherals, but unlike other peripherals there are no INTENSET, INTENCLR registers for enabling or disabling interrupts at the peripheral level. In order to prevent unexpected wake-up from System ON Idle, add this code before entering sleep:

#if (__FPU_USED == 1)
 _set_FPSCR(_get_FPSCR() & ~(0x0000009F)); 
 (void) __get_FPSCR();