[246] System: Intermittent extra current consumption when going to sleep

This anomaly applies to Revision 2, build codes CKAA-Dx0, QIAA-Dx0.

It was inherited from the previous IC revision Engineering D.


Extra current consumption in the range of 350 µA when in System On Idle.


A high-speed peripheral (CPU, CRYPTOCELL, USB, or CTRL-AP) accesses a RAM block which is being accessed by a low-speed peripheral through the DMA bus with a specific timing, and the high-speed peripheral has higher priority than the low-speed peripheral.


Extra current consumption in System On Idle.


Apply the following code after any reset:

*(volatile uint32_t *)0x4007AC84ul = 0x00000002ul;
Workaround consequences: Up to 40 µA current increase when the 16 MHz clock is used.