[198] SPIM: SPIM3 transmit data might be corrupted

This anomaly applies to Revision 2, build codes CKAA-Dx0, QIAA-Dx0.

It was inherited from the previous IC revision Engineering D.


Transmit data from SPIM3 is corrupted.


Data accessed by CPU location in the same RAM AHB slave as where the SPIM3 TXD.PTR is pointing, and CPU does a read or write operation at the same clock cycle as the SPIM3 EasyDMA is fetching data. This case should have been handled by the stalling mechanism.


Transmit data from SPIM3 is corrupted.


Reserve dedicated RAM AHB slave for the SPIM3 transmit buffer, not overlapping with application data used by the CPU. In addition, synchronize so that the CPU is not writing data to the transmit buffer while SPIM is transmitting data.