nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee v3.0.0
Zigbee and Zigbee+BLE examples

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This information applies to the nRF52840 SoC only.

The following examples demonstrate different features of a Zigbee stack running on the nRF52840 SoC.

Before running the examples, see Running precompiled examples.

To control Zigbee network and devices using Python language, you can use the Zigbee CLI Agent example.

SoftDevice usage
Zigbee examples do not use the SoftDevice, with the exception of multiprotocol examples.
Zigbee example parameters
All Zigbee examples use the following parameters:
Radio Channel: 16
For production firmware or for use with 3rd party devices, such as Amazon Echo Plus, it is strongly advised to set the IEEE_CHANNEL_MASK (located in files named main.c of each example) to cover multiple channels. For example, set IEEE_CHANNEL_MASK to 0x07fff800U, in order to use all 802.15.4 defined channels.


You can find the source code and the project file of the examples in the following folder: <InstallFolder>/examples/zigbee Use the following steps to test the Zigbee examples:

  1. Build the example according to the instructions in Building examples.
  2. Use nrfjprog (from nRF5x Command Line Tools v9.2.0 or newer) to program the hex file that was created in the _build folder to the board.
  3. Use an UART viewer to see the log messages produced by the application. All Zigbee examples use 1 000 000 baud rate.

Zigbee BSP LED reference

All Zigbee examples use the same LED assignments:

Persistent storage erase method

All Zigbee examples have a method to erase the Zigbee persistent storage at boot. When using the nRF52840 Development Kit, short the pin 1.09 to the ground. This pin is configurable in the zigbee_helpers.c file.

This feature clears all the NVRAM used by the Zigbee stack, including the NWK frame counter. This has severe consequences in the production. For clearing all the network information data except the frame counter, use the zb_nvram_clear function.

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