nRF51 SDK v10.0.0
Data Fields
dm_application_param_t Struct Reference

Application Registration Parameters. More...

#include <device_manager.h>

Data Fields

dm_event_cb_t evt_handler
uint8_t service_type
ble_gap_sec_params_t sec_param

Detailed Description

Application Registration Parameters.

Parameters needed by the module when registering with it.

Field Documentation

dm_event_cb_t dm_application_param_t::evt_handler

Event Handler to be registered. It will receive asynchronous notification from the module, see Device Manager Events for asynchronous events.

ble_gap_sec_params_t dm_application_param_t::sec_param

Security parameters to be used for the application.

uint8_t dm_application_param_t::service_type

Bit mask identifying services that the application intends to support for all peers.

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