nRF5 SDK v15.0.0
Data Fields
nrf_esb_config_t Struct Reference

Main configuration structure for the module. More...

#include <nrf_esb.h>

Data Fields

nrf_esb_protocol_t protocol
 Enhanced ShockBurst protocol.
nrf_esb_mode_t mode
 Enhanced ShockBurst mode.
nrf_esb_event_handler_t event_handler
 Enhanced ShockBurst event handler.
nrf_esb_bitrate_t bitrate
 Enhanced ShockBurst bitrate mode.
nrf_esb_crc_t crc
 Enhanced ShockBurst CRC mode.
nrf_esb_tx_power_t tx_output_power
 Enhanced ShockBurst radio transmission power mode.
uint16_t retransmit_delay
 The delay between each retransmission of unacknowledged packets.
uint16_t retransmit_count
 The number of retransmission attempts before transmission fail.
nrf_esb_tx_mode_t tx_mode
 Enhanced ShockBurst transmission mode.
uint8_t radio_irq_priority
 nRF radio interrupt priority.
uint8_t event_irq_priority
 ESB event interrupt priority.
uint8_t payload_length
 Length of the payload (maximum length depends on the platforms that are used on each side).
bool selective_auto_ack
 Enable or disable selective auto acknowledgement.

Detailed Description

Main configuration structure for the module.

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