nRF5 SDK v11.0.0
Data Fields
pstorage_module_param_t Struct Reference

Struct containing module registration context. More...

#include <pstorage.h>

Data Fields

pstorage_ntf_cb_t cb
pstorage_size_t block_size
pstorage_size_t block_count

Detailed Description

Struct containing module registration context.

Field Documentation

pstorage_size_t pstorage_module_param_t::block_size
     Desired block size for persistent memory storage. For example, if a module has a table with 10 entries, and each entry is 64 bytes in size,

it can request 10 blocks with a block size of 64 bytes. The module can also request one block that is 640 bytes depending on how it would like to access or alter the memory in persistent memory. The first option is preferred when it is a single entry that needs to be updated often and doesn't impact the other entries. The second option is preferred when table entries are not changed individually but have a common point of loading and storing data.

pstorage_ntf_cb_t pstorage_module_param_t::cb

Persistent storage operation completion callback function pstorage_ntf_cb_t.

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