nRF5 SDK v11.0.0
Data Fields
ble_nus_s Struct Reference

Nordic UART Service structure. More...

#include <ble_nus.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t uuid_type
uint16_t service_handle
ble_gatts_char_handles_t tx_handles
ble_gatts_char_handles_t rx_handles
uint16_t conn_handle
bool is_notification_enabled
ble_nus_data_handler_t data_handler

Detailed Description

Nordic UART Service structure.

This structure contains status information related to the service.

Field Documentation

uint16_t ble_nus_s::conn_handle

Handle of the current connection (as provided by the SoftDevice). BLE_CONN_HANDLE_INVALID if not in a connection.

ble_nus_data_handler_t ble_nus_s::data_handler

Event handler to be called for handling received data.

bool ble_nus_s::is_notification_enabled

Variable to indicate if the peer has enabled notification of the RX characteristic.

ble_gatts_char_handles_t ble_nus_s::rx_handles

Handles related to the RX characteristic (as provided by the SoftDevice).

uint16_t ble_nus_s::service_handle

Handle of Nordic UART Service (as provided by the SoftDevice).

ble_gatts_char_handles_t ble_nus_s::tx_handles

Handles related to the TX characteristic (as provided by the SoftDevice).

uint8_t ble_nus_s::uuid_type

UUID type for Nordic UART Service Base UUID.

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