S212 SoftDevice v6.1.1
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Data Structures

struct  nrf_clock_lf_cfg_t
 Type representing LFCLK oscillator source. More...


typedef void(* nrf_fault_handler_t )(uint32_t id, uint32_t pc, uint32_t info)
 Fault Handler type. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* nrf_fault_handler_t)(uint32_t id, uint32_t pc, uint32_t info)

Fault Handler type.

When certain unrecoverable errors occur within the application or SoftDevice the fault handler will be called back. The protocol stack will be in an undefined state when this happens and the only way to recover will be to perform a reset, using e.g. CMSIS NVIC_SystemReset(). If the application returns from the fault handler the SoftDevice will call NVIC_SystemReset().

This callback is executed in HardFault context, thus SVC functions cannot be called from the fault callback.
[in]idFault identifier. See Fault ID types.
[in]pcThe program counter of the instruction that triggered the fault.
[in]infoOptional additional information regarding the fault. Refer to each Fault identifier for details.
When id is set to NRF_FAULT_ID_APP_MEMACC, pc will contain the address of the instruction being executed at the time when the fault is detected by the CPU. The CPU program counter may have advanced up to 2 instructions (no branching) after the one that triggered the fault.

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