S212 SoftDevice v5.0.0
Data Fields
ANT_MESSAGE Union Reference

The structure that holds ANT messages. More...

#include <ant_parameters.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t ulForceAlign
uint8_t aucMessage [(((uint8_t) 1)+((uint8_t) 1)+((uint8_t) 1)+(((uint8_t) 8)+((uint8_t) 1)+(((uint8_t) 4)+((uint8_t) 3)+((uint8_t) 4)+((uint8_t) 17)))+((uint8_t) 1))]
struct {
   uint8_t   ucSize
   union {
      uint8_t   aucFramedData [(((uint8_t) 1)+((uint8_t)
         1)+(((uint8_t) 8)+((uint8_t)
         1)+(((uint8_t) 4)+((uint8_t)
         3)+((uint8_t) 4)+((uint8_t) 17))))]
      struct {
         uint8_t   ucMesgID
         union {
            uint8_t   aucMesgData [((((uint8_t) 8)+((uint8_t)
               1)+(((uint8_t) 4)+((uint8_t)
               3)+((uint8_t) 4)+((uint8_t)
               17)))+((uint8_t) 1))]
            struct {
               union {
                  uint8_t   ucChannel
                  uint8_t   ucSubID
               }   uData0
               uint8_t   aucPayload [((uint8_t) 8)]
               EXT_MESG_BF   sExtMesgBF
               uint8_t   aucExtData [(((uint8_t) 4)+((uint8_t)
                  3)+((uint8_t) 4)+((uint8_t) 17))]
            }   stMesgData
         }   uMesgData
      }   stFramedData
   }   uFramedData
   uint8_t   ucCheckSum

Detailed Description

The structure that holds ANT messages.

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