S140 SoftDevice v6.1.0
Data Structures | Typedefs

Data Structures

struct  nrf_radio_request_earliest_t
 Parameters for a request for a timeslot as early as possible. More...
struct  nrf_radio_request_normal_t
 Parameters for a normal radio timeslot request. More...
struct  nrf_radio_request_t
 Radio timeslot request parameters. More...
struct  nrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_t
 Return parameters of the radio timeslot signal callback. More...
struct  nrf_ecb_hal_data_t
 AES ECB data structure. More...
struct  nrf_ecb_hal_data_block_t
 AES ECB block. Used to provide multiple blocks in a single call to sd_ecb_blocks_encrypt. More...


typedef volatile uint8_t nrf_mutex_t
 Represents a mutex for use with the nrf_mutex functions. More...
nrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_t *(* 
nrf_radio_signal_callback_t )(uint8_t signal_type)
 The radio timeslot signal callback type. More...
typedef uint8_t soc_ecb_key_t [(16)]
 AES ECB parameter typedefs. More...
typedef uint8_t soc_ecb_cleartext_t [(16)]
typedef uint8_t soc_ecb_ciphertext_t [((16))]

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

typedef volatile uint8_t nrf_mutex_t

Represents a mutex for use with the nrf_mutex functions.

Accessing the value directly is not safe, use the mutex functions!
typedef nrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_t*(* nrf_radio_signal_callback_t)(uint8_t signal_type)

The radio timeslot signal callback type.

In case of invalid return parameters, the radio timeslot will automatically end immediately after returning from the signal callback and the NRF_EVT_RADIO_SIGNAL_CALLBACK_INVALID_RETURN event will be sent.
The returned struct pointer must remain valid after the signal callback function returns. For instance, this means that it must not point to a stack variable.
[in]signal_typeType of signal, see NRF_RADIO_CALLBACK_SIGNAL_TYPE.
Pointer to structure containing action requested by the application.
typedef uint8_t soc_ecb_ciphertext_t[((16))]

Ciphertext data type.

typedef uint8_t soc_ecb_cleartext_t[(16)]

Cleartext data type.

typedef uint8_t soc_ecb_key_t[(16)]

AES ECB parameter typedefs.

Encryption key type.

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