S132 SoftDevice v7.2.0
Data Fields
ble_l2cap_evt_ch_rx_t Struct Reference

L2CAP Channel received SDU event. More...

#include <ble_l2cap.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t sdu_len
ble_data_t sdu_buf

Detailed Description

L2CAP Channel received SDU event.

Field Documentation

ble_data_t ble_l2cap_evt_ch_rx_t::sdu_buf
       SDU data buffer.
If there is not enough space in the buffer (sdu_buf.len < sdu_len) then the rest of the SDU will be silently discarded by the SoftDevice.
uint16_t ble_l2cap_evt_ch_rx_t::sdu_len

Total SDU length, in bytes.

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