S132 SoftDevice v7.2.0
Data Fields
ble_l2cap_ch_setup_params_t Struct Reference

L2CAP channel setup parameters. More...

#include <ble_l2cap.h>

Data Fields

ble_l2cap_ch_rx_params_t rx_params
uint16_t le_psm
uint16_t status

Detailed Description

L2CAP channel setup parameters.

Field Documentation

uint16_t ble_l2cap_ch_setup_params_t::le_psm
     LE Protocol/Service Multiplexer. Used when requesting

setup of an L2CAP channel, ignored otherwise.

ble_l2cap_ch_rx_params_t ble_l2cap_ch_setup_params_t::rx_params

L2CAP channel RX parameters.

uint16_t ble_l2cap_ch_setup_params_t::status
     Status code, see @ref BLE_L2CAP_CH_STATUS_CODES.

Used when replying to a setup request of an L2CAP channel, ignored otherwise.

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