S132 SoftDevice v2.0.0
Data Fields
ble_gatts_attr_t Struct Reference

GATT Attribute. More...

#include <ble_gatts.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t init_len
uint16_t init_offs
uint16_t max_len
uint8_t * p_value

Detailed Description

GATT Attribute.

Field Documentation

uint16_t ble_gatts_attr_t::init_len

Initial attribute value length in bytes.

uint16_t ble_gatts_attr_t::init_offs

Initial attribute value offset in bytes. If different from zero, the first init_offs bytes of the attribute value will be left uninitialized.

uint16_t ble_gatts_attr_t::max_len

Maximum attribute value length in bytes, see Maximum attribute lengths for maximum values.

ble_gatts_attr_md_t* ble_gatts_attr_t::p_attr_md

Pointer to the attribute metadata structure.

ble_uuid_t* ble_gatts_attr_t::p_uuid

Pointer to the attribute UUID.

uint8_t* ble_gatts_attr_t::p_value
        Pointer to the attribute data. Please note that if the @ref BLE_GATTS_VLOC_USER value location is selected in the attribute metadata, this will have to point to a buffer

that remains valid through the lifetime of the attribute. This excludes usage of automatic variables that may go out of scope or any other temporary location. The stack may access that memory directly without the application's knowledge. For writable characteristics, this value must not be a location in flash memory.

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