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 GAP Address cycle modes
 GAP Address types
 GAP Advertisement Flags
 GAP Advertising and Scan Response Data format
 GAP Advertising filter policies
 GAP Advertising interval max and min
 GAP Advertising timeout values
 GAP Advertising types
 GAP Authentication Key Types
 GAP Connection Parameters Limits
 GAP Discovery modes
 GAP IO Capabilities
 GAP Keypress Notification Types
 GAP Roles
 GAP Scan interval max and min
 GAP Scan timeout max and min
 GAP Scan window max and min
 GAP Security Modes
 GAP Security status
 GAP Security status sources
 GAP Timeout sources
 GAP attribute security requirement setters
 SVC return values specific to GAP


 The default interval in seconds at which a private address is refreshed when address cycle mode is BLE_GAP_ADDR_CYCLE_MODE_AUTO.
#define BLE_GAP_ADDR_LEN   6
 BLE address length.
#define BLE_GAP_ADV_MAX_SIZE   31
 Maximum size of advertising data in octets.
 GAP device name maximum length.
 Disable RSSI events for connections.
#define BLE_GAP_SEC_RAND_LEN   8
 GAP Security Random Number Length.
#define BLE_GAP_SEC_KEY_LEN   16
 GAP Security Key Length.
#define BLE_GAP_LESC_P256_PK_LEN   64
 GAP LE Secure Connections Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman P-256 Public Key Length.
 GAP LE Secure Connections Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman DHKey Length.
 GAP Passkey Length.
 Maximum amount of addresses in a whitelist.
 Maximum amount of IRKs in a whitelist. More...

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Maximum amount of IRKs in a whitelist.

The number of IRKs is limited to 8, even if the hardware supports more.

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