S130 SoftDevice v2.0.1
Data Fields
nrf_radio_request_normal_t Struct Reference

Parameters for a normal radio timeslot request. More...

#include <nrf_soc.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t hfclk
uint8_t priority
uint32_t distance_us
uint32_t length_us

Detailed Description

Parameters for a normal radio timeslot request.

Field Documentation

uint32_t nrf_radio_request_normal_t::distance_us

Distance from the start of the previous radio timeslot (up to NRF_RADIO_DISTANCE_MAX_US microseconds).

uint8_t nrf_radio_request_normal_t::hfclk

High frequency clock source, see NRF_RADIO_HFCLK_CFG.

uint32_t nrf_radio_request_normal_t::length_us

The radio timeslot length (in the range [100..100,000] microseconds).

uint8_t nrf_radio_request_normal_t::priority

The radio timeslot priority, see NRF_RADIO_PRIORITY.

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