S122 SoftDevice v8.1.1
Data Fields
ble_gap_qos_channel_survey_t Struct Reference

Quality of Service (QoS) channel survey parameters. More...

#include <ble_gap.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t interval_us

Detailed Description

Quality of Service (QoS) channel survey parameters.

This can be used with sd_ble_gap_qos_start to start the QoS channel survey module. It is ignored with sd_ble_gap_qos_stop.

The channel survey module provides measurements of the energy levels on the Bluetooth Low Energy channels. When the module is enabled, BLE_GAP_EVT_QOS_CHANNEL_SURVEY_REPORT events will periodically report the measured energy levels for each channel.

The measurements are scheduled with lower priority than other Bluetooth Low Energy roles, Radio Timeslot API events and Flash API events.
The channel survey module will attempt to do measurements so that the average interval between measurements will be interval_us. However due to the channel survey module having the lowest priority of all roles and modules, this may not be possible. In that case fewer than expected channel survey reports may be given.
In order to use the channel survey module, ble_gap_cfg_role_count_t::qos_channel_survey_role_available must be set. This is done using sd_ble_cfg_set.
The SoftDevice may generate one BLE_GAP_EVT_QOS_CHANNEL_SURVEY_REPORT event after sd_ble_gap_qos_stop is called.
Return values
NRF_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMInvalid parameter supplied. interval_us is out of the allowed range.
NRF_ERROR_RESOURCESThe channel survey module is not available to the application. Set ble_gap_cfg_role_count_t::qos_channel_survey_role_available using sd_ble_cfg_set.

Field Documentation

uint32_t ble_gap_qos_channel_survey_t::interval_us
              Requested average interval for the measurements and reports. See

Quality of Service (QoS) Channel survey interval defines for valid ranges. If set to BLE_GAP_QOS_CHANNEL_SURVEY_INTERVAL_CONTINUOUS, the channel survey role will be scheduled at every available opportunity.

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