S112 SoftDevice v6.0.0
Data Fields
sd_mbr_command_t Struct Reference

Input structure containing data used when calling sd_mbr_command. More...

#include <nrf_mbr.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t command
union {
   sd_mbr_command_copy_sd_t   copy_sd
   sd_mbr_command_compare_t   compare
   sd_mbr_command_copy_bl_t   copy_bl
   sd_mbr_command_vector_table_base_set_t   base_set
   sd_mbr_command_irq_forward_address_set_t   irq_forward_address_set

Detailed Description

Input structure containing data used when calling sd_mbr_command.

Depending on what command value that is set, the corresponding params value type must also be set. See NRF_MBR_COMMANDS for command types and corresponding params value type. If command SD_MBR_COMMAND_INIT_SD is set, it is not necessary to set any values under params.

Field Documentation

sd_mbr_command_vector_table_base_set_t sd_mbr_command_t::base_set

Parameters for vector table base set. Requires parameter page.

uint32_t sd_mbr_command_t::command

Type of command to be issued. See NRF_MBR_COMMANDS.

sd_mbr_command_compare_t sd_mbr_command_t::compare

Parameters for verify.

sd_mbr_command_copy_bl_t sd_mbr_command_t::copy_bl

Parameters for copy BootLoader. Requires parameter page.

sd_mbr_command_copy_sd_t sd_mbr_command_t::copy_sd

Parameters for copy SoftDevice.

sd_mbr_command_irq_forward_address_set_t sd_mbr_command_t::irq_forward_address_set

Parameters for irq forward address set

union { ... } sd_mbr_command_t::params

Command parameters.

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