S112 SoftDevice v6.0.0
Data Fields
ble_gap_opt_passkey_t Struct Reference

Passkey Option. More...

#include <ble_gap.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t const * p_passkey

Detailed Description

Passkey Option.

Structure containing the passkey to be used during pairing. This can be used with sd_ble_opt_set to make the SoftDevice use a preprogrammed passkey for authentication instead of generating a random one.

Repeated pairing attempts using the same preprogrammed passkey makes pairing vulnerable to MITM attacks.
sd_ble_opt_get is not supported for this option.

Field Documentation

uint8_t const* ble_gap_opt_passkey_t::p_passkey

Pointer to 6-digit ASCII string (digit 0..9 only, no NULL termination) passkey to be used during pairing. If this is NULL, the SoftDevice will generate a random passkey if required.

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