S112 SoftDevice v6.0.0
Data Fields
ble_gap_opt_ch_map_t Struct Reference

Channel Map option. More...

#include <ble_gap.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t conn_handle
uint8_t ch_map [5]

Detailed Description

Channel Map option.

Used with sd_ble_opt_get to get the current channel map or sd_ble_opt_set to set a new channel map. When setting the channel map, it applies to all current and future connections. When getting the current channel map, it applies to a single connection and the connection handle must be supplied.

Setting the channel map may take some time, depending on connection parameters. The time taken may be different for each connection and the get operation will return the previous channel map until the new one has taken effect.
After setting the channel map, by spec it can not be set again until at least 1 s has passed. See Bluetooth Specification Version 4.1 Volume 2, Part E, Section 7.3.46.
Return values
NRF_SUCCESSGet or set successful.
NRF_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMOne or more of the following is true:
  • Less then two bits in ch_map are set.
  • Bits for primary advertising channels (37-39) are set.
NRF_ERROR_BUSYChannel map was set again before enough time had passed.
BLE_ERROR_INVALID_CONN_HANDLEInvalid connection handle supplied for get.
NRF_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTEDReturned by sd_ble_opt_set in peripheral-only SoftDevices.

Field Documentation

uint8_t ble_gap_opt_ch_map_t::ch_map[5]

Channel Map (37-bit).

uint16_t ble_gap_opt_ch_map_t::conn_handle

Connection Handle (only applicable for get)

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