S112 SoftDevice v6.0.0
Data Fields
ble_gap_conn_cfg_t Struct Reference

BLE GAP connection configuration parameters, set with sd_ble_cfg_set. More...

#include <ble_gap.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t conn_count
uint16_t event_length

Detailed Description

BLE GAP connection configuration parameters, set with sd_ble_cfg_set.

Return values
NRF_ERROR_CONN_COUNTThe connection count for the connection configurations is zero.
NRF_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMOne or more of the following is true:
  • The sum of conn_count for all connection configurations combined exceeds UINT8_MAX.
  • The event length is smaller than BLE_GAP_EVENT_LENGTH_MIN.

Field Documentation

uint8_t ble_gap_conn_cfg_t::conn_count
     The number of concurrent connections the application can create with this configuration.

The default and minimum value is BLE_GAP_CONN_COUNT_DEFAULT.

uint16_t ble_gap_conn_cfg_t::event_length
   The time set aside for this connection on every connection interval in 1.25 ms units.

The default value is BLE_GAP_EVENT_LENGTH_DEFAULT, the minimum value is BLE_GAP_EVENT_LENGTH_MIN. The event length and the connection interval are the primary parameters for setting the throughput of a connection. See the SoftDevice Specification for details on throughput.

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