S112 SoftDevice v6.0.0
Data Fields
ble_gap_adv_params_t Struct Reference

GAP advertising parameters. More...

#include <ble_gap.h>

Data Fields

ble_gap_adv_properties_t properties
ble_gap_addr_t const * p_peer_addr
uint32_t interval
uint16_t duration
uint8_t max_adv_evts
ble_gap_ch_mask_t channel_mask
uint8_t filter_policy
uint8_t primary_phy
uint8_t secondary_phy
uint8_t set_id:4
uint8_t scan_req_notification:1

Detailed Description

GAP advertising parameters.

Field Documentation

ble_gap_ch_mask_t ble_gap_adv_params_t::channel_mask
            Channel mask for primary channels.

At least one of the primary channels, that is channel index 37-39, must be used.

uint16_t ble_gap_adv_params_t::duration
                Advertising duration in 10 ms units. When timeout is reached,

an event of type BLE_GAP_EVT_ADV_SET_TERMINATED is raised.

See Also
GAP Advertising timeout values in 10 ms units.
uint8_t ble_gap_adv_params_t::filter_policy

Filter Policy.

See Also
GAP Advertising filter policies.
uint32_t ble_gap_adv_params_t::interval
                Advertising interval in 625 us [email protected] BLE_GAP_ADV_INTERVALS.
If ble_gap_adv_properties_t::type is set to BLE_GAP_ADV_TYPE_CONNECTABLE_NONSCANNABLE_DIRECTED_HIGH_DUTY_CYCLE advertising, this parameter is ignored.
uint8_t ble_gap_adv_params_t::max_adv_evts
            Maximum advertising events that shall be sent prior to disabling

advertising. Setting the value to 0 disables the limitation. When the count of advertising events specified by this parameter (if not 0) is reached, advertising will be automatically stopped and an event of type BLE_GAP_EVT_ADV_SET_TERMINATED is raised

If ble_gap_adv_properties_t::type is set to BLE_GAP_ADV_TYPE_CONNECTABLE_NONSCANNABLE_DIRECTED_HIGH_DUTY_CYCLE, this parameter is ignored.
Setting max_adv_evts to a values not equal to 0 is only supported as an experimental feature in this SoftDevice.
ble_gap_addr_t const* ble_gap_adv_params_t::p_peer_addr
            Address of a known peer.
  • When privacy is enabled and the local device uses BLE_GAP_ADDR_TYPE_RANDOM_PRIVATE_RESOLVABLE addresses, the device identity list is searched for a matching entry. If the local IRK for that device identity is set, the local IRK for that device will be used to generate the advertiser address field in the advertising packet.
  • If ble_gap_adv_properties_t::type is directed, this must be set to the targeted scanner or initiator. If the peer address is in the device identity list, the peer IRK for that device will be used to generate BLE_GAP_ADDR_TYPE_RANDOM_PRIVATE_RESOLVABLE target addresses used in the advertising event PDUs.
uint8_t ble_gap_adv_params_t::primary_phy
             Indicates the PHY on which the primary advertising channel packets

are transmitted. If set to BLE_GAP_PHY_AUTO, BLE_GAP_PHY_1MBPS will be used. The only supported value by this SoftDevice is BLE_GAP_PHY_1MBPS.

ble_gap_adv_properties_t ble_gap_adv_params_t::properties

The properties of the advertising events.

uint8_t ble_gap_adv_params_t::scan_req_notification

Enable scan request notifications for this advertising set. When a scan request is received and the scanner address is allowed by the filter policy, BLE_GAP_EVT_SCAN_REQ_REPORT is raised.

This parameter will be ignored when ble_gap_adv_properties_t::type is a non-scannable advertising type.
uint8_t ble_gap_adv_params_t::secondary_phy

This field is ignored on this SoftDevice.

uint8_t ble_gap_adv_params_t::set_id

This field is ignored on this SoftDevice.

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