S112 SoftDevice v6.0.0
Data Fields
ble_common_opt_pa_lna_t Struct Reference

PA & LNA GPIO toggle configuration. More...

#include <ble.h>

Data Fields

ble_pa_lna_cfg_t pa_cfg
ble_pa_lna_cfg_t lna_cfg
uint8_t ppi_ch_id_set
uint8_t ppi_ch_id_clr
uint8_t gpiote_ch_id

Detailed Description

PA & LNA GPIO toggle configuration.

This option configures the SoftDevice to toggle pins when the radio is active for use with a power amplifier and/or a low noise amplifier.

Toggling the pins is achieved by using two PPI channels and a GPIOTE channel. The hardware channel IDs are provided by the application and should be regarded as reserved as long as any PA/LNA toggling is enabled.

sd_ble_opt_get is not supported for this option.
Setting this option while the radio is in use (i.e. any of the roles are active) may have undefined consequences and must be avoided by the application.

Field Documentation

uint8_t ble_common_opt_pa_lna_t::gpiote_ch_id

GPIOTE channel used for radio pin toggling

ble_pa_lna_cfg_t ble_common_opt_pa_lna_t::lna_cfg

Low Noise Amplifier configuration

ble_pa_lna_cfg_t ble_common_opt_pa_lna_t::pa_cfg

Power Amplifier configuration

uint8_t ble_common_opt_pa_lna_t::ppi_ch_id_clr

PPI channel used for radio pin clearing

uint8_t ble_common_opt_pa_lna_t::ppi_ch_id_set

PPI channel used for radio pin setting

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