S112 SoftDevice v5.1.0
Data Fields
nrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_t Struct Reference

Return parameters of the radio timeslot signal callback. More...

#include <nrf_soc.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t callback_action
union {
   struct {
      nrf_radio_request_t *   p_next
   }   request
   struct {
      uint32_t   length_us
   }   extend

Detailed Description

Return parameters of the radio timeslot signal callback.

Field Documentation

uint8_t nrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_t::callback_action

The action requested by the application when returning from the signal callback, see NRF_RADIO_SIGNAL_CALLBACK_ACTION.

struct { ... } nrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_t::extend

Additional parameters for return_code NRF_RADIO_SIGNAL_CALLBACK_ACTION_EXTEND.

uint32_t nrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_t::length_us

Requested extension of the radio timeslot duration (microseconds) (for minimum time see NRF_RADIO_MINIMUM_TIMESLOT_LENGTH_EXTENSION_TIME_US).

nrf_radio_request_t* nrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_t::p_next

The request parameters for the next radio timeslot.

union { ... } nrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_t::params

Parameter union.

struct { ... } nrf_radio_signal_callback_return_param_t::request

Additional parameters for return_code NRF_RADIO_SIGNAL_CALLBACK_ACTION_REQUEST_AND_END.

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