S112 SoftDevice v5.1.0
Data Fields
ble_gap_phys_t Struct Reference

PHY preferences for TX and RX. More...

#include <ble_gap.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t tx_phys
uint8_t rx_phys

Detailed Description

PHY preferences for TX and RX.

tx_phys and rx_phys are bit fields. Multiple bits can be set in them to indicate multiple preferred PHYs for each direction.
p_gap_phys->tx_phys = BLE_GAP_PHY_1MBPS | BLE_GAP_PHY_2MBPS;
p_gap_phys->rx_phys = BLE_GAP_PHY_1MBPS | BLE_GAP_PHY_2MBPS;

Field Documentation

uint8_t ble_gap_phys_t::rx_phys

Preferred receive PHYs, see GAP PHYs.

uint8_t ble_gap_phys_t::tx_phys

Preferred transmit PHYs, see GAP PHYs.

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