nRF5 SDK for Mesh v5.0.0
Data Fields
sensor_settings_status_msg_pkt_t Struct Reference

Message format for the Sensor Settings Status message. More...

#include <sensor_messages.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t property_id
 Property ID for the sensor.
uint16_t setting_property_ids []

Detailed Description

Message format for the Sensor Settings Status message.

4.2.8 Sensor Settings Status The Sensor Settings Status is an unacknowledged message used to report a list of the Sensor Setting states of an element (see Section 4.1.2). The message is sent as a response to the Sensor Settings Get message or is sent as an unsolicited message. The message structure:

                       Field Size

Field Name (octets) Notes

Sensor Property ID 2 Property ID identifying a sensor. Sensor Setting Property IDs 2*N A sequence of N Sensor Setting Property IDs identifying settings within a sensor, where N is the number of property IDs included in the message. (Optional)

Definition at line 238 of file sensor_messages.h.

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