nRF5 SDK for Mesh v5.0.0
Data Fields
mesh_config_entry_params_t Struct Reference

Mesh config entry parameters. More...

#include <mesh_config_entry.h>

Data Fields

const mesh_config_entry_id_tp_id
 Base-ID for this entry set. More...
uint16_t entry_size
 Size of each entry. More...
uint16_t max_count
 Max number of entries in the set. More...
bool has_default
 Whether the entry has a default value or not. More...
struct {
   mesh_config_entry_set_t   setter
   mesh_config_entry_get_t   getter
   mesh_config_entry_delete_t   deleter
 Array of states for each entry. More...

Detailed Description

Mesh config entry parameters.

Should only be instantiated through Mesh config entry.

Definition at line 248 of file mesh_config_entry.h.

Field Documentation

◆ p_id

const mesh_config_entry_id_t* mesh_config_entry_params_t::p_id

Base-ID for this entry set.

Must be a pointer for the MESH_CONFIG_ENTRY_ID macro to work as an initializer, as armcc doesn't support compound literals in static initializers.

Definition at line 252 of file mesh_config_entry.h.

◆ entry_size

uint16_t mesh_config_entry_params_t::entry_size

Size of each entry.

Definition at line 253 of file mesh_config_entry.h.

◆ max_count

uint16_t mesh_config_entry_params_t::max_count

Max number of entries in the set.

Definition at line 254 of file mesh_config_entry.h.

◆ has_default

bool mesh_config_entry_params_t::has_default

Whether the entry has a default value or not.

Definition at line 255 of file mesh_config_entry.h.

◆ p_state

mesh_config_entry_flags_t* mesh_config_entry_params_t::p_state

Array of states for each entry.

Definition at line 262 of file mesh_config_entry.h.

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